Are Meal Kits Worth It?

Everyone loves a fast, easy and convenient dinner, but are meal kits worth it?

Short answer: Maybe

But after using two different meal kit delivery services for over a year, I’m going to give you the long answer.

Here’s when you should, and shouldn’t use them, and how to decide if meal kits are worth it for you.

Are Meal Kits Worth It? Find out here!

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Advantages of Meal Kits Delivery Services

For our busy family of four, this has been a big game changer for our week-night meals, and plays a big part in how I Do More, Shop Less, and Still Cook Dinner.

If you’re not a big fan of meal planning, this is a fool proof way to have a wide variety of easy, healthy dinners with ZERO grocery shopping or planning.

At first I was reluctant to try, because I thought it would put our monthly food budget through the roof, but instead it has reduced our grocery bills and take out/restaurant expenses.

Plus, it makes cooking a breeze with everything pre-measured and organized.

Most recipes take 30 min or less and the instructions walk you through every step (pictures included).

The best part is the meals are absolutely delicious, fresh and so much better than anything pre-made and frozen.

Disadvantages of Meal Kits Delivery Services

For us, the biggest disadvantage is working within the confines of the menu. Sometimes they just don’t have enough meals that interest us so we’ll skip a week or two.

This is also why we choose to use two different services, which doubles our options for any given week (and why we plan to try more soon!).

Since I keep a close eye on our budget, the cost is also a factor, but I balance it out by planning less expensive meals the remaining 4 days of the week.

Plastic waste is the final drawback, as every delivery usually involves at least a few plastic containers or bags, but I always ensure we wash and reuse or recycle everything we can. 

The cardboard boxes and paper bags get recycled too, of course.

Overall, I haven’t found the amount of waste and recycling to be much different than a typical week of cooking from scratch.

PLUS, there’s almost zero food waste, which I like because sometimes buying ingredients for new recipes in the right quantities is difficult.

Are Meal Kits Worth It? Find out here!

Meal Kits are Worth it if you….

  • Enjoy cooking, but don’t have a lot of time for shopping, meal planning and prep.
  • Like to try new recipes and ingredients.
  • Want to reduce your spending on take-out and restaurants.
  • Aim to eat healthy, balanced meals (including veggies!)

Meal Kits aren’t Worth it if you….

  • Don’t enjoy cooking. Prepared meals are probably a better option.
  • Are a really picky eater or don’t like vegetables.
  • Are completely broke. Stick with low budget meals until you can get your finances in order (or get a side hustle).
  • Strive for zero waste living. 
  • Have major diet restrictions.


We use both Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate (in Canada) and usually get 3 meals delivered each week. Their menu choices are great, and there’s almost always kid friendly options (or some that are easily modified).

Use my referral link here, to get 3 free meals from Chef’s Plate or
use my referral link here, to get $40 off your first order from Hello Fresh.

Money Saving Tip: The meals for 2 (vs. 4) are enough to feed our family of 2 adults and 2 small kids, especially if I make an extra side of rice, bread etc. 

Our family also uses a Smoothie Delivery Service that we LOVE. You can  read my full review here >> Revive Superfoods Review

For more of our favorite services visit the Recommendations page. 

Are meal kits worth it for you?

If you can’t find services like these in your area then comment below so others can help.

Be sure to share this post so more can join in the discussion. Questions are always welcome too 🙂

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Are Meal Kits Worth It? Find out here!

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