How to Save Money This Halloween

Are you looking to save money this Halloween?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, Halloween isn’t a great time blowing your budget for one night of fun. This is especially true if you’re working hard to pay off debt (been there, done that…read about it here)

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have spooky decorations, unique costumes and plenty of treats!

Last year we took a family vacation at the end of October, and between all the planning, packing and traveling we inevitably had a very simple, budget friendly Halloween.

And the kids still LOVED it.

How to Save Money This Halloween by Money Dot Calm

We loved it too because it cost almost nothing and was totally stress free.

So here’s what we’ll be doing (and not doing) this year:

  • Our costumes will be put together with stuff we already have, or purchased in a second-hand shop. No new costumes from Walmart or Costco!
  • We’re reusing old decorations, and the kids will be making some extras for around the house. No trips to Michael’s…not even with a coupon.
  • Instead of hosting (or attending) a party, we’ll be going to a free community event. That means no extra baking or prep work.
  • We’re purchasing a small bag of candy to give out to trick-or-treaters, and giving one treat each (after all, a 5 year old really doesn’t need a handful of chocolate bars from every house). 
  • Our only goal is to have fun. So we won’t have 4 flavors of homemade ghost cupcakes or the spookiest house on the block. But that’s ok!

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Happy Halloween,

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How to Save Money This Halloween by Money Dot Calm

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