20 Small Niche Blogs That Make Real Money

If you’ve been reading the income reports from the BIG bloggers, it’s easy to believe that only mainstream topics can make a profit.

While there’s no doubt that blogging about general niches like money, health and parenting can bring in high volumes of traffic, it’s also true that the small niches can do the same. And sometimes even better.

If you have a hobby or interest you’re truly passionate about, I’ll show you how you can learn from 20 successful bloggers to turn that into a viable income source.

Why Have a Small Niche Blog?

Staring any blog from the ground up is a lot of work.

You’ll spend hours researching, writing, and interacting social media just to gain momentum, and chances are you’ll hit a few big road block along the way.

Which can be totally frustrating and the unfortunate reason most new blogs fail.

BUT, if you pick a topic you love there’s a much greater chance that your excitement and enthusiasm will carry you along to be successful.

(which really is half the battle!)

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My small niche equestrian blog, savvyhorsewoman.com, has had it own ups and down , but I can honestly say that in the last 7 years of blogging I’ve never been bored.

Frustrated? Yes!

Discouraged? Of course!

But throughout the whole process I’ve always enjoyed being part of the equestrian online community.

Even on a very limited schedule (see How to Build a Profitable Blog in 10 Hours a Week (or less)) I’ve been able to keep it growing over the years by my sheer desire to learn, grow and stay connected.

If you have your own niche that you feel this strongly about I have no doubt you too can be successful.

How Small Niche Blogs Make Money

Advertising Revenue

For any blog with a decent sized audience, ad revenue can be a solid (and mostly passive) income stream.

While some bloggers choose to sell their own advertising space, most choose to join an ad network.

Some of the more popular ad networks are MediavineAdThriveGoogle Adsense and Media.net.

(My equestrian blog has been with been with Mediavine since July 2018, and I highly recommend it for any niche! See my income reports for details.)

Sponsored Posts

For bloggers with a smaller audience, working with sponsors can be a great way to get started earning an income.

The one major advantage a small niche blog has is a targeted audience.

Brands are willing to pay top dollar to have their product in front of an audience that is already highly interested in a particular niche.

Check out my post Niche Blogging Income – 5 Steps to Sponsored Posts for more tips and strategies.

Affiliate Marketing

By recommending products they already use and love, niche bloggers can earn passive income by sharing their affiliate links.

Amazon.com is loaded with products that everyone needs. Just by sending their traffic over, bloggers can earn a percentage of the sales.

For more popular affiliate programs check out this helpful post by Pro Blogger: 10 Popular Affiliate Programs for Small and Medium-sized Blogs

If you want to start earning quickly, I also highly recommend checking out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.  After taking this course, adding a passive income stream your blog is a piece of cake. Michelle earns over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing, and she shares all of her best tips in this step-by-step course (it’s helped me earn an extra $1000 this year!). Get started here.

Other Income

Here’s a few other common methods niche bloggers use to generate income:

  • Physical products (your can find my Etsy shop here as an example)
  • Digital Products (like my ebook)
  • Course and Online Training
  • Consulting and other services

Interest in food blogging in particular? Read my post How Much Money Can You Make From a Food Blog for more in-depth info.

Niche Blog Case Study

In May 2018 Todd and Julie, 2 passionate RVers, started the blog TREKKN.

After spending 17 months RVing with their 3 older kids, visiting 36 states, 5 Canadian provinces and many National Parks, they’re sharing everything they’ve learned with their readers.

And it’s really paying off!

They’re now earning $5,000 per month within the first year, and are continuing to grow.

In the post How We Grew Our RV Travel Blog to $5K a Month in One Year Julie gives a breakdown of their monthly income which includes affiliate marketing (Amazon) and advertising (Mediavine) plus lots of helpful tips.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these 20 other niche blogs that are totally killing it!

Bonus Challenge: See if you can spot how each blog earns an income and brainstorm how you can apply those strategies to your own niche!

Small Niche Blogs (That Actually Make Money)

Does your small niche blog earn a profit? Share your tips below!

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